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Riwayat hidup ini semuanya nyata. Ada banyak memory yang sangat berkesan, ada pula yang penuh misteri yang tidak mudah dipahami, ada banyak kejadian yang semula hanya impian, bahkan bayangan, namun kemudian menjadi sangat nyata, bisa dilihat, bahkan dirasakan.

Lausanne, Switzerland, Sptember 16th, 2010

Setelah selesai menulis pembukaan ini baru ingat pesan mas Andhi agar ditulis " in English," maka mulai sekarang akan ditulis dalam bahasa tersebut.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Although this proverb has become a motto in my life, starting this biography is not easy. It might be the only one that I have broken my promise to myself, since there were a lot of things that slowed down the progress. Moreover, I don't know what event to begin with, and it was not easy to write it chronologically either, for my limited memory. The result was, then, I have been going and forth write it out. Furthermore it might be also causes that will come up later on the way of finishing this project, besides some reasons that have happened in the past. Who knows!

Indeed, it has been happening in my life. I was a grade one Junior High School (SMP BOPKRI IV) student Bintaran Yogyakarta, when my English teacher, Mr Ishak, gave the students the proverb in 1951. To my pride I memorized it and took account in my life and studied English deligently. I wrote it down everywhere that easily seen, scretched out my house, in small village, Karangjati,Yogyakarta. Funny, because the house was a simple one.

Time went on, and I seriously applied the motto. Never delaying learning all the lessons. Of course my grades was improving significantly. The only bad grade was History. I got 4 out of the maximum grade of 8. Yet, I promised to myself not to get any bad grade in History, while I was crying for

The motto, among other things, is consequently applied to all aspects of my life.In return there are many achievement that have never been imagined before, despite, on the other hand, there has been invisible hand that takes apart to complete my life perfectly.

Algiers, September 21st, 2010

Let me start briefly with my Autobioraphy

I was born in 1938 a small village in Karangjati, 4 km up north the capitol city of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. What was the really the date of my birthday I did not exactly know, yet I claimed my date of birth on February 21st, 1938.
Raised in the simple way of life in the good hands of my mother Muslimah and my father Samingan (known as Sotoirono) together with four sisters and two brothers (Can be see in the Famili Tree) gave me a lot variety experiences that scratch out me physically, mentally socially as well as socially.

Living in the Dutch colonialisation and the Japan seizure did not give me much chances of getting a good education. What I got is just grade III of SR 3 Tahun. In 1945 Indnesia got her Independence, ad a letter of Recomendation made by my big brother me o SR 6 Tahun, Gondolayu, Yogyakarta, but I did not pass the National Examination. A private SMP IV BOPKRI which was just opened accept me as a student. Being awared of a how importance was my future life I begun to study hard. In return I got good marks and was able to go to the grade II. Quarter II was promoting myself to becomme an exellent student. I was so exited when I successfully assigned to go to grade IIIB(Mathematics&Sciences). Until Quarter II I had been succeeded. Unfortunately, tropical-malaria destroy my brain, that brought me in a very difficult situation and nearly took my life.

My teacher laugh at me when I wanted to go to a General-High-School because of my bad final examination marks. Realizing the fact I register for SGA(Teacher-School). Life began to change wen I was in grade II. Extensive physical exercises had made me bigger, stronger, more skilled in some branches of sport. Learning psychology, education, Christian Religion, preparing for a job as a teacher had changed my behavior. Mysteries had brought me to the faith of Christanity.

Graduated from my School-Teacher, then, I was assigned as a physical education teacher at a Subsidized School at SMP II BOPKRI, Bintaran, which was the central of the city of Yogyakarta. It was part of the mysteries, since all of my SGA friends got out town assignments. The government gave scholarship to BI Phsical Education College following two years of teaching, besides I still had 12 hours of task.

I got a big job from the Director of BI Physical Education College right after graduated. In the meantime I had have moved from SMP II BOPKRI to SMA BOPKRI II, Jl. Diponegoro, Yogyakarta. The big job was to have a training as National Amateur Wrestling Coach in Bandung, as a preparation of a the big games, Asian Games IV, in Jakarta ,1962. While the Asian Gams IV was a national special big and prestigious job, Mr Nathanael, the school-master, told me would had been waiting me for his school and would never been replaced by another physical education teacher. Later it had been confused me in making decision.

Studying in in BI Physical Educatin College seemed no difficulty for me since I don not problem for all requirement to fulfill, even I was so dominant in few branches of sport, games, and track and fields as well. In gymnastics I was able to make movements that far above the requirement. I was a good player in volley-ball. Although I was only 162 cm I was the best smesher of all. In track and field I was the faster runner in 100m dash. I was also the best shot-putter and the best discuss-thrower, and the best straddle style in running high jump as we. Furthermore, I was the fastest 100m swimmer. These achievements brought me to pass the final examinations.

I was, then assigned to become a Physical Education teacher at SMA BOPKRI, Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta. In the meantime I was called by my ex BI Physical Education Director to have Three Month National Wrestling Coach in Bandung.

Coming back to Yogya, I together with my ex BI Physical Education mate, Sarpo, who also got the same training had to prepare for the first Amateur Wrestling Championship in Bandung. The achievement was not bad. Yogya got runner up.

Preparing for the nasional events, PON V in Bandung, I hold the regional/Yogya championship, where I myself took part in the compition to proof my ability as an athlete, while I had to organize as well as to became judge and refree for the compitionn. I won the competition although I had to take two levels above my class, feather weight. So I had righ formally to take part in PON V

Few Yogya wrestlers, as the result of the first national wrestling championship were taken to the Asian Games IV training centre for the preparation of this international sport event. For my achievement in the Yogya championship, I was, too, invited to this training centre.

I failed to became a member of the Indonesian wrestling team to the Asian Games, for my knee injured in a try out in Central Java, and was taken care in the hospital where the team selection was held. However, I took part in the Judge and Referee team, since I was passed the National Training for National Coach as well as National Judge and Referee.

Finished joinng the Asian Gemes IV event I went back to SMA BOPKRI with State Emloyee Certificate, which was easy to get for the Asian Games Training Centre members, who who were treated as heroes. It took 2 years of teaching physical education before getting a scholarship for STO(Sekolah Tinggi Olahraga) Yogyakarta.

Spending for about two years gave me more experiences in works. While taking some subjects to finish the study I was assigned as assitant to the lecturer for wrestling lesson. I was also asked to teach physical education to handle tough SMA IV State High School students. The Academy of Air Forces, too, needed me to train the "carbol" wretling for their preparation for the Arm Forces Akademy Games. Just by the time finishing my study, two jobs were offered by to different institutions, my almamater and Satya Wacana Christian University Salatiga. It was dificult decision to make.

With the consideration, that a little number of people likely wanted to work with the private sector as Satya Christian University was, I decided to go there with a condition that I will stay in my position as a state employee. Secondly, was, in the name of 'Christian' University I might be able to dedicate my life in accordance with my faith. As a matter of fact Satya Wacana students had to take 2 years physical education as part of general education.

Time went on. I was thinking of what I was doing to dedicate my life in accordance with my faith as I thought before by working in the prestigious university which one the physical education was not the core course. As one of my life experiences had been dealing with mistery, I met Miss Heru Wijatsih, a law lecturer at the Faculy of Law, an original Christian which I often brought in my prayer, and married her. Still, a question always came up in my mind: "What is my dedication, if I was called to teach in the university?"

The wedding took place in GITJ(Evangelical Church in Java) Pati. Referene Djoyodihardjo preached and blessesed us. Heru's brother in law, Setyoprajitno who took her oldest sister as wife, took responsibillity for everything for the wedding party. My mother, her mother, relatives, and friends attended the party. The story about the boat that had been shaking by the huge waves in St Peter's verses was invaluable lesson that really happened in our entire life.

God gave us three sons. The oldest sun was Anindita Widhibrata. Anindita meant perfect, Widhi meant god, and brata meant gift. It meant that the gift from the god is perfect. He was born on October 3rd, 1971. Second son was Bayu Aribawana. Bayu meant wind, Aribawana meant heaven. Meaning he was the wind from heaven. He was born on Dcember 1st, 1972. The youngest son was Chondro Heru Prabowo. Chondro was the moon, one of the God's creations, Heru was taken to the respect for his mother, a woman who had beared with many sufferings, espicially for the baby delivery. Prabowo meant charism, wisdom. The meaning, so, meant that he was one of the god's creation, and that everyone should respesct to his mother, with wisdom and charism. He was born on August 29th, 1975. All those words were derived from Sanskirt, words that had ever been coloured my mistery lifes.

God bless us. We have been growing in accordance with our expectation. God did not just gave what we asked in prayers, but also added our requests became more abundance in our lifes. All our sons' families have good lifes. Andhi, we call for Anindita Widhibrata, married Evi Andrianti, the daughter of Mr Efrayim and Mrs Prayanti. They have one daughter, Kristin Ariel, one son, Christian Andrew Widhibrata. They are now live in Bonbeach, Melbourne, Australia. Bayu married Ruth Niken Setyaningtyas, the daughter of Mr Mustika and Mrs Nastiti. They have one daughter, Jocelyn Iona Putri Aribawana, one son, Savian Joel Putra Aribawana. They live in BSD City, Banten. Chondro married Josefin Jonata Marian the daughter of Mr Josef and Mrs Georgiana. The have one daughter, Anindya Adara Namita. They live in Algiers, Algeria. Praise the lord. They have normal lives, have jobs for maintaining families and their futures, have enough food to eat, dresses to wear, houses to live in, and cars to move comfortably and conveniently.

To trace my herritance I have made a family tree. Unfortunately I was not able put in the biograpy. I hope Andhi could do that. The tree mentioned who were eyang Kupu's parents, or may be her grand parents. So was my parents and my grand parents. Briefly I could say she was the youngest of all her daughters. Her father was Mr Sarimohardjo and her mother was Mrs Rabisah. She has three daughters, Sumarwati(passed away), Christiani(passed away), and Errentini(Surabaya). I myself have/had one big brother, one big sister, one little sister, and one little brother(as I ever live(d) with them until 1965). There were another one big sister and one little sister that lived together until I was 7-8 years of age. Still my mother told me that I had ever have one big sisters and two big brothers, but they had died before I was born. It was a bit complicated, wasn't it.

God answered my questions

Satya wacana dormitory was one of the units of Satya Wacana Christian University that in a terrible condition as a christian institution. One day the rectorate lead by Mr Soetarno as a rector called me and said unless I want to be the supervisor the dormitory will be closed forever.
As a constituent I could not refuse the task and took the position as supervisor together with Mr Smith as the vise supervisor. Althoug it took two years to draw the dormitory back to normal our task, with the helps by some good students was well done and the dormitory not just being better, but also became a big unforgetable wonderful big family. That was awared me that the calling to Satya Wacana was the job that god had given to me. Once in the early morning of Easter I witnessed to the dormitory members why I was called to work in Satya Wacana.

The work in the dormitory brought me to one of the conditions to get a grant from Lutheran Church in America to study Higher Education Administration. I was selected to go to Thiel College, Pennsylvania, USA to have internship and study higher education administration emphazising on administration and registration. I spent one year from September 1983 through September 1984. That was the time to see the opportunity to take my family to the USA to study for a Master's degree. Although there was so limited time to get the Toefl Test, I finally made it. I went back home with my student's registration to the University of Pittsburgh and with the promise of Lutheran Church in America as the sponsor. (Algiers, October 22nd, 2010).

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Malam harinya jam 22.00, di rumah eyang Kuka check "New Post," yang tadi pagi, dan ternyata sukses. Terima kasih mas Andhi.

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Pada tanggal 11 Februari 2008, jam 13.20 "" bisa dioperasikan menggunakan NOKIA 6600, dibuka dengan ""Pada waktu itu eyang Kuka sedang membayar tagihan tikpun rumah di kantor Telkom Salatiga.

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